Cumulus Systems

Microsoft’s Office 365 is provides a suite of essential business productivity tools that we use throughout our business.  It allows you to access Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams) as well as Cumulus apps that have SSO+MFA (i.e. vCreative, vPromotions).

Login with your Cumulus SSO credentials.

A shared folder for our local sales team on Microsoft OneDrive with sales resources utilized in our markets (formerly on Google Drive). It contains local sales resources that can be accessed remotely or from the office.  It makes commonly used information easily accessible from any where and any device type, and it allows us to more easily collaborate on shared files in real time. 

Clickable link above will take you directly to the shared file. 

Forcebook is Cumulus’s corporate communications tool that uses Facebook’s Workplace.  Stay up to date on current communications, access helpful files, and communicate with colleagues around the company.

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RAB’s Account Manager is the CRM used by our Sales Teams.  It can be used to help identify who is handling each of our clients across the market, track client communications, manage daily activities,  and track sales activity and sales revenue.

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A document workflow tool we use for eSigning documents with clients and different departments within Cumulus.

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Workday is an HR management tool we use for a variety of HR functions from completing initial onboarding materials to requesting time off to accessing pay and benefits information. 

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Vonage is the internet based phone system that we use for desk phones.  You can use the web based app to access our employee directory, make and receive phone calls, and listen to voicemails.  You can also access customizable settings like having voicemails emailed to you, call forwarding, and setting an out of office greeting on your voicemail.

Requires an individual login.  Create when setting up a new account.

Cumulus Self Service

You can access the Self-Service site to change your Cumulus SSO password and unlock your account if you get locked out of it.

 No login needed to reset your password.

Cumulus Help Desk

The Cumulus Service Desk Online Help Portal allows you to create help request using common problem templates as well as search the online solution database to find solutions to problems on your own.

Login with your Cumulus SSO credentials.  You can also email