External Sales Resources

Prospecting and Research

A tool for client prospecting and pulling digital audits on a business.  Buzzboard has a database of businesses in the U.S. that can be filtered to create prospect lists.  When your ready to know more about a businesses digital marketing presence you can pull a digital audit that shows what they are currently doing and compare them to their competitors.

Use the following team login.

Username:  matt.bell@cumulus.com

Password:  MB1234

A tool for that shows the clients that are advertising on radio in our markets, the stations they are running on, and the creatives they are running on broadcast radio.  It’s great a great sales tool for identifying new radio advertisers and gauging our share of a radio buy.

Schedule a training with Media Monitors to get an individual login.  Go to https://www.mediamonitors.com/training/ to schedule a training then get a login.

A company we use to pull research and build sales presentations around the research.  Their market research utilizes Nielsen data to and their graphic designers incorporate infographics into PowerPoint slides that tell a story around how we can help prospective clients reach their intended audience.

To request an individual login contact:

Chloe Jefferson


Nielsen is a company we use to pull radio ratings and market research for our markets.  Through their Tapscan tool we’re able pull quantitative and qualitative (where available) data on the radio stations and listeners in our markets.

To request an individual login contact:

Tamara Hutson


The Audio Active Group partners with clients to measure the impact of the entire audio campaign (not just the Cumulus Media | Westwood One investment), specializing in the following areas: 

  • Audio creative best practices
  • Media planning
  • Strategic allocation within audio
  • Measurement of the entire audio investment

No login required. 

As the trade association for the radio industry the RAB includes a variety of helpful resources ranging from sales training and support materials to co-op research.

Requires an individual login.  Login with your Cumulus SSO credentials.

Think with Google is a resource for marketers that is provided by Google.  It offers sales and marketing resources that cover anything from case studies to market research to insights on various Google products.

No login required. 

Google Ads allows you to identify prospective keywords and get CPC estimates for specific keywords of interest.  It can also help you determine a recommended budget for a prospective client based on the volume of search activity for the keywords associated with the campaign.  Keep in mind search activity fluctuates based on seasonality and general market events so understand estimates are based on historical performance and are only estimates that should be used for broader guidance when crafting an advertising plan.

Login with a Google account that’s connected to a Google Partners account.

Meta for Business is a resource for marketers that is provided by Facebook.  It offers sales and marketing resources for companies using Facebook to grow their business.  It includes information ranging from ad types to audience targeting capabilities. 

No login required. 

Meta Business Suite is your starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run, and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.  We most often use Facebook Ads Manager to see available targeting capabilities within Facebook/Instagram and build audiences to show an audience count and targeting details for a prospective campaign.

Login with a Facebook account that’s connected to a Business page.


The Cumulus Creative Concierge (CCC) provides creatives for radio and digital campaigns.  Audio commercials, video commercials (edited from provided images and/or video footage), and display ads can be produced as specs for campaigns you’re proposing or as final creative for campaigns that have already been sold.  The CCC also has a large library of audio, video, and display samples to help you’re creative juices flowing!

Login with your Cumulus SSO credentials.