Our Media Team

Eric Mastel

My broadcasting career started back in 1983, starting as an Account Executive and later becoming a Sales Manager. My experience in sales and management have allowed me to work in many markets though out the country, ultimately owning Max Media and served as it's President from 2004 through 2011. After a short "retirement" I accepted the position of Vice President/Market Manager for Cumulus in Savannah and later promoted to Senior Vice President overseeing broadcasting and digital assets for Savannah and Charleston.


Matt Bell

I've been in sales and marketing roles for over 15 years.  I enjoy working with companies to grow their business through thoughtful and creative marketing. When I'm not working you can find me spending time with my wife and 2 kids or spending time outdoors.  I enjoy golfing and fishing as well a sneaking away to the mountains for hiking trip.


Bob Klomp

Regional Digital Sales Manager

I have been in the Media Industry (TV) in a Sales and Marketing role for nearly 30 years. I have recently focused my attention on the Digital World and the new and exciting opportunities now available to companies to help become or enhance their online presence while marketing their business through custom digital platforms. The Digital space offers an endless array of products and services to help most any type of business succeed. When I’m not indulging in cool digital stuff, you can find me on the tennis court, strumming a guitar, hanging at the beach or spending quality time with the family.


Reggie Crawford

Regional Director of Production

I started in radio just one year out of high school. Being a self-proclaimed “audio nerd”, how could I not love being paid to play, I mean work, AND help businesses at the same time! When you love what you do, 20 plus years flies by!



We’re the technical sales team. We’re the subject matter experts for our wide range of our digital solutions. You’ll come to know us as the digital nerds that support our sales team. We eat sleep and breathe digital marketing, and we love to talk about it (sometimes too much)!


We’re the back of house digital team, the ones who are rarely seen but work tirelessly to ensure the timely execution of successful digital campaigns. We the ones who really make our client’s shine!


We’re responsible for the content you hear on each of our 9 radio stations in Charleston and Savannah. It’s our job to make sure you like what you hear and that we’re delivering the best possible product to our listeners.


We’re you’re favorite DJ’s. You hear us on your favorites stations and come to know us as we entertain you each day. Tune in to hear us in car, in the home, and on the go through broadcast or streaming radio and connect with us on social media!

Charleston Sales Team

Cynthia Bell


I’m a Senior Marketing Consultant and proud to say that I’ve been working with the same stations for almost 30 years. I enjoy helping businesses win by offering a comprehensive blended campaign to include radio and digital assets. I’ve never met a stranger! It gives me great pleasure helping businesses attain or over achieve goals and solve problems. I have a client first mindset because if you win, I win! I also enjoy volunteering in the community helping a variety of nonprofit organizations get the word out about their needs. On a personal level, I enjoy cooking, walking and spending time with my family.

843-277-1304 Cynthia.Bell@Cumulus.com

Mariana Hall


My experience in marketing spans over 30 years. I've held roles on the agency side (Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare and Food & Beverage) and the client side (Food & Beverage) along with roles in radio, digital, print, and local cable television. I love the challenge of helping businesses succeed in overachieving their marketing and sales goals.

843-277-1302 Mariana.Hall@Cumulus.com

Lauren Parker


Working in Radio since 2017 has allowed me to mesh together my background in Business and Finance (hello, MBA!), my love for the music industry (free concert tickets are an awesome work perk!), and former sales experience. The work environment is fun, and I've been lucky that some amazing clients have turned into great friends over the years!

843-277-1308 Lauren.Parker@Cumulus.com

Paula Mullen


A native Charlestonian, my media and marketing career began while I was in college. My 25 plus years with Cumulus Charleston Media have yielded successful marketing campaigns, client relationships lasting many decades, and recognition as one of the top ten radio sales consultants in the nation. Each day is always different, and each day brings opportunities for new marketing success stories with local and national businesses. If I'm not in the office, look for me on the water or in the mountains with family and friends enjoying life.

843-277-1318 Paula.Mullen@Cumulus.com

Drew May


I’ve been working with the same Radio group since the early 90’s. I’ve always enjoyed all folks I’ve run into and worked with, each one was completely different, that made it fun! It’s been great having several clients still advertising with me going all the way back to the beginning.  Radio is definitely a fun industry and Charleston is the perfect place to live.  Look forward to talking with you soon!!

843-277-1305 Drew.May@Cumulus.com

Leah Downs

Marketing Director
I started working with our stations in 1999. I have always liked being behind the scenes. To me, it is very fulfilling to come up with an idea for our clients and stations and then executing it into a successful promotion, event, etc.! There are so MANY fun ways to really engage and interact with our listeners/your customers!

843-277-1251 Leah.Downs@Cumulus.com

Ashley Butler

Sales Operations Coodinator
Charleston/ Savannah

With over 20 years in Customer/Client Services, I am excited to support our team from behind the scenes, to fulfill each of our Clien'ts needs. I was born in Charleston and absolutely love this city I get to call home. I love spending time with family and friends and love filling bellies with yummy food.


Savannah Sales Team

Tricia Singleton


I've been in sales with Cumulus for 17 years. I love working with all types of businesses and organizations to help them grow their business or bring people to their events and concerts. Over the years I have developed many business partnerships that have also become wonderful friendships.

Julie Lee


In my nearly 25 years with Cumulus Savannah, I have worked with every imaginable customer. I say "customer" instead of client because customer is more personal. To genuinely serve, you need a customer. That is why it is important for me to help you find them and keep them, using creative radio and digital strategies. When not working hard for you, I enjoy landscaping, my three little dachshunds and riding my beautiful purple motorcycle.

912-629-5399 Julie.Lee@Cumulus.com

Nancy Edwards


I am proud to join the team at Cumulus Radio as an Account Executive. I have worked in broadcasting for over 35 years in both television and radio. I began my career in New York working for CBS Television, MTV Networks and Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando. I recently relocated from Cape Cod where I worked for Cape Cod Radio, I-Heart and hosted several shows on WOMR-FM in Provincetown. I graduated from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and I am delighted not to shovel snow anymore!

Jess Samson

Promotions Director
I've been in radio since 2015 wrapping my tentacles around promotions, production, and programming! I love radio because it's something different and exciting every day! Radio is love, radio is life.